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The journey is long trekked,
The forlorn is long stressed.
The veins and muscles are cracking,
Patience and endurance are shrinking.
It is sad. And, looks like a facade game,
It is bad. And, grossed in enormous shame.
The war seems unending in humanity tragic,
Where is the dream to end the pandemic?
Global inequalities ravage its efforts,
Political imbalances scavenge all fronts.
The range of inequality in terrible fraction,
Where is World Health and its traction?
Some are rich and high,
Many are poor and sigh.
Some are blaze in light,
Many are blast in plight.
Some are still far left,
Trodden behind they are.
Some are still remote,
Plunge and hopeless they are.
It only harms. And, no society can progress,
When one is preferred, others deny access.
It just like an atrocity,
If he feels the cruelty.
He’s Black. He isn’t White,
No, He’s Coloured. Uh, He’s tanned.
Does it truly matters,
We are all human. We’d all be proud.
Redouble and redoubled, my cry.
Restored hope and prevalence.
For all without discrimination,
For all without labels and tags.
End AIDS, the global outcry,
Eliminate the dreaded bug.
We can, you can, if we really are,
The torture and agony are enough.
Theme: “End AIDS, End Inequalities”
“Equity for All”: an advocacy at the World AIDS Day 2021
Written by K.A (
  1. Video creation: A guy is invited to a musical show.
  2. Road side / Lawn signs with Tel Nos etc
  3. Mobile COVID -19 Vaccination centres especially in Downtown/ Toronto
Slogan for COVID-19 Vaccines
  1. For the sake of others
For the safety of others
Take your shot, it’s good for all
  1. For me and for you
To be safer for all
Don’t be complacent                                                                                                                                                    Complete youir dosage
  1. Half way is not a way
Complete your dosage
  1. Only you can prevent the Virus
Take your shot. To stop the loss
  1. For global safety. I am just one.
Take your shot. I have taken mine
  1. Catch the Fun. I wonna join the Rave
Not the virus. I gonna take my shot
  1. Join the Fun. 2022 is blissful
Take the 2nd jab to be peaceful
  1. I love Ice Hockey
Riding in the Jockey
Take your shot
  1. If we all want it to be Normal
Take your 2nd Shot
  1. It isn’t a Gun Shot
It is a Fun Shot
Take your 2nd shot
  1. We cannot be left behind
It is getting closer.
It is safer for our family
Don’t be left behind in 2021
Created by: K.A  ( / Nov. 15, 2021
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